CNRL-007&154 Escalator Roller Step Roller, Inner Diameter 15mm 80*23mm

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Product Details

Product Detail

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Product Name

escalator roller,step roller

Product Parameters

Φ80*23mm,inner diameter 15mm

ItemStep roller
TypeEscalator parst
MOQ1 pcs
Samplefree for test

Suitable Brand


Actual Measure

LG roller.jpgroller bearing 6203.jpgroller thick 23mm.jpg

What We are Proud of

1.High standard quality and good performance

Mature technology, the best raw materials and perfect scientific management model have contributed to our high quality products.

2.competitive price

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3.Professional after sales service

The professional technology global customer center provides 24-hour service to solve your problems.

Welcome to Our Factory

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4. We believe that most customers will choose us once they arrive at the factory, they can see the quality in person and check every detail.

Payment & Shipping

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