CNRL-090B&092B Escalator Step Roller 6204RS 75*23.5mm ID20mm

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Product Details

Product Detail

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Product Name

Escalator step roller

Product Parameters

Φ75*23.5 mm,


Inner diameter20 mm
MOQ1 pcs
Inner diameter20 mm

Suitable Brand


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We provide and guarantee world class parts, advanced performance, competitive price, reliable quality, on-time delivery and first-class service. In addition to our unique product line, we also provide a variety of cost and traffic analysis services. In addition to our elevator and escalator product line, we specialize in everything from wood planks to marble. We strive to meet the individual needs of every customer -- no matter what they are. Therefore, all of our departments complement each other to ensure that we are a one-stop shop for our customers. This strategy helps the customer feel at ease with the convenience and ensures that all specifications and designs are done together with little room for disappointment.

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1. history and special

We have more than 20 years of expertise and industry knowledge in the Southeast Asia,South America and other market.

2. Diversity and flexibility

We provide a variety of different brands of elevators and escalators to meet customer requirements and specifications, and even customized elevator or escalator products according to customer tastes and needs.

3. Price and delivery

We strive to provide the most cost-effective prices for all customers. The reasonable price of our high-quality products ensures that we are the first choice for customers who need help. In addition, since we pay close attention to details.

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