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2 worm gear drive

- Jan 05, 2018 -

2 worm gear drive

At present the speed is not more than 2.5 m / s most of gear box gear tractor traction worm, its main advantages are: stable transmission, low noise operation Compact structure, small size, less transmission parts

Has a good anti-load characteristics

a. Worm shaft support

Worm worm gear located above the worm gear called on the type, located below the worm gear called under the set. On the type of advantage is that the box is relatively easy to seal, easy to check, the downside is the worm lubrication is relatively poor.

b. Common worm gear tooth profile

Commonly used in cylindrical and arc rotary two.

c. Worm gear material selection

Select the material to fully take into account the characteristics of worm gear drive, worm to choose high hardness, good rigidity of the material, the worm gear should be selected wear and wear performance and good material.

d. Worm gear meshing requirements

e. Worm drive efficiency calculation

f. Worm gear force calculation

g. Heat balance issues

Due to the friction loss power of the worm drive is larger, most of the loss of power into heat, so that the oil temperature. Excessive oil temperature will greatly reduce the viscosity of lubricating oil, so that the oil film between the tooth surface damage, resulting in direct contact with the work surface to produce tooth surface glue phenomenon. In order to avoid overheating oil, the design of the worm gear box should meet the heat from the worm gear box is greater than or at least equal to the power loss of heat.

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