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Chapter Three Elevator Traction machine

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Chapter Three Elevator Traction machine

Elevator traction machine is usually composed of motor, brake, gearbox and base. If the power of the drag device, without the middle of the gearbox and directly to the traction wheel on the traction machine called No gear tractor. The armature of the motor without the gear traction machine is directly connected with the brake wheel and the traction wheel. And the power of the drag device through the intermediate gearbox to the traction wheel of the traction machine is called a gear tractor.

1. AC Motor for Elevator

A. Characteristics of motor used in elevators require a large starting torque starting current to be small

The motor should have a flat torque characteristic

In order to ensure the stability of the elevator, at the rated voltage, the motor slip at high speed should not be greater than 12%, at low speed should not be greater than 20%

Low noise and small pulsation torque

B. Types of AC motors commonly used on elevators

Single Speed motor

Double Speed Motor

Three-speed motor

C. Estimation of motor capacity

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