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elevator drive Ⅰ

- Dec 22, 2017 -

elevator drive

According to different requirements of the elevator, the elevator can be driven by traction drive, hydraulic drive, reel drive, rack and pinion, screw drive and so on.

1. Traction drive

  Traction drive is the use of traction sheave as a driving component. The wire rope is suspended on the traction sheave, one end suspends the car, the other end suspends the counterweight device, and the traction force is generated by the friction between the wire rope and the traction sheave to drive the car up and down.

Around the rope way

The rope winding method of the elevator traction rope mainly depends on the position of the traction machine, the rated load of the car and the rated speed. In the choice, to determine the way around the rope should consider a higher transmission efficiency, reasonable energy consumption and is conducive to the extension of the life of wire rope.

2. Traction calculation

The maximum effective drag force that can be generated in the traction sheave slot is a function of the friction coefficient between the rope and the wheel pocket and the wrap around angle of the sheave of the rope.

3. Improve traction capacity measures

a. Change the shape of rope groove and rope groove material to improve the friction coefficient.

b. Increase the wrap angle

c. Increase the weight of the car

4. Rope in the traction sheave slot in the pressure than the calculation

5 wire rope in the rope groove friction coefficient

6 traction sheave groove wear reasons

The factors that affect the life of wire rope generally also affect the life of the traction sheave, there are several factors as follows:

a. The traction sheave itself

b. Rope structure, material and physical properties

c. car running height

d. Load

e. Tractor and other components of the technical parameters

f. Environment and maintenance

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