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escalator control system design

- Nov 21, 2017 -

Escalator control system design

Escalator is a perennial passenger electric equipment, its running state often without load, Most of the escalator when the without load is still using the rated speed, High energy consumption, mechanical wear and serious shortcomings. So the escalators need for energy-saving operation transformation. This design is based on the use of energy-efficient escalator basic requirements to design a combination of computer and inverter control system of the escalator energy-saving operation.  Process requirements to ensure the comfort and safety of operation conditions of the escalator could reduce power consumption and extend the working life of the escalator.公交重型扶梯1.JPG

Escalator control system design process includes on the basis of motors, thermal relays, the main power switch, contactors, transformers, wires and cables, and brake resistor selection to inverter drive, power control, braking, fault indication, access control, speed detection, security control, lighting control circuit design. After completion of the circuit design for the main drive wheel sensors, sensor missing rungs, handrail speed sensor installation. Finally, after offline debugging and debugging, the system realizes energy-saving operation. It implements the escalator computerized control, so that the escalator tends to be more intelligent.

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