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Escalator Step Overview

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Escalator Step

The escalator step is a component that circulate on the escalator trusses for the passengers to stand. (national standard GB/T 7024-1997)

Generally speaking, the ladder is the four wheel of a special structure for the passengers to stand.

The main wheel shafts of each cascade are together with the cascade chain, so that the cascade can be kept at the upper branch and turn over in the lower branch.

Because of the large number of cascade and moving parts, the performance and quality of the escalator depends largely on the quality and performance of the ladder.

There are two types of cascade and assembly. The whole type is made of the whole die casting of aluminum alloy with high precision, light weight and high processing speed, which is gradually replacing the assembled ladder.

The assembled cascade is made up of parts such as pedals, kickboards, brackets and so on. The weight is large, and the accuracy is poor. It is a product of less die casting ability and will be replaced by integral step by step.

The geometric size of the step (which can be called ladder) includes: the width of the step, the depth of the step, that is, the depth of the pedal, the distance between the main wheel and the auxiliary wheel, and the gauge, that is, the distance between main wheels and the step spacing. Standard requirements: the width of escalator (nominal width of escalator) should not be less than 0.58M and no more than 1.1m, and the depth of runway should not be less than 0.38M. During operation, the distance between top and bottom two step tread should not exceed 0.24M.

The step should be flexural test, that is to say, in the area of tread 0.2m * 0.3m, with the force of 3000N vertically applied, the deflection produced should not be greater than 4mm, and there is no permanent deformation. It also connects the load of 6000 cattle / square meters in the work, and does not affect the normal operation.

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