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Helical Gear Drive

- Jan 09, 2018 -

3. Helical Gear Drive

The following factors should be considered in designing bevel gears for Elevators:

Cross-strain force

Impact Bending Stress

Pitting and abrasion

Vibration and noise

elevator series-gear-drive.jpg

4. Brake Type

Elevator braking system should have an electromechanical brakes, when the main circuit power off or control circuit power, the brakes must act. Cut off the brake current, at least two independent electrical devices to achieve.

The braking function of the brake shall be realized by a directed compression spring or a heavy hammer. The braking moment should be sufficient to enable the car to operate at rated speed and carry 125% rated load to stop. The most commonly used elevator brakes are electromagnetic brakes.

B. Calculation of braking moment

The braking moment is composed of two parts: static moment and dynamic moment. Calculation method of static moment and dynamic moment

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