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Lift Control Cabinet Function-Single Elevator Function

- Dec 27, 2017 -

Lift Control Cabinet Function----Single Elevator Function

Single elevator function

1. driver operation. 

The driver closes the elevator operation by the driver. It is selected from the instruction button in the sedan chair. The summon outside the hall can only follow the ladder and automatically flat.

2. set control.

Collection and selection control is a highly automatic control function that integrates all kinds of signals, such as the instructions in the car and the summon outside the hall, and carries out a comprehensive analysis and processing. It can automatically control and start the operation of car instruction, calling outside the hall, stopping the station automatically, automatically respond to the same direction, automatically open the door automatically, cut the ladder along the way, reverse the direction automatically, and respond to the call automatically.

3. downlink selection.

 It has the function of collecting and selecting only in the downlink, so only the downlink call button is set outside the hall, and the upstream can not be cut.

4. independent operation. 

Only through the instructions of the sedan chair to a particular floor, providing services for specific floor passengers and not calling from other layers and outside the hall.

5. special floor priority control. 

When there is a call on the special floor, the elevator is responding to the shortest time. When the response goes, the instructions in the sedan chair and other calls are ignored. When the special floor is reached, the function is automatically cancelled.

6. stop operation. 

In the night, weekend or holiday, use the elevator to stop on the designated floor by the stop switch. When the ladder is stopped, the door is closed, the lighting, the fan is cut off, so as to save electricity and safety.

7. code security system. 

This function is used to restrict passengers to get in and out of some floors. Only when the user enters the predetermined code through the keyboard can the elevator sail to the floor.

8. full load control. 

When the car is loaded with full load, it does not respond to the call outside the hall.

9. prevent the function of pranks. 

This function prevents the excessive press button in the sedan chair because of the mischief. The function is to automatically compare the weight of the car (the number of passengers) with the number of cars in the coach, if the number of passengers is too small, and the number of instructions is too much, the wrong extra car instructions should be automatically canceled.

10. remove invalid instructions. 

Remove all the instructions incompatible with the direction of the elevator operation.

11. open door time automatic control. 

The opening time is automatically adjusted according to the call of the hall, the kind of instructions in the sedan chair and the situation in the sedan chair.

12. control the opening time according to the passenger flow. 

To monitor the passengers' flow of import and export makes the opening of the shortest time.

13. door open time extension button. 

It is used to extend the opening time so that passengers can get in and out of the car.

14. the failure to reopen the door. 

When the elevator door cannot be closed because of the failure, the door will be reopened and then the door is closed.

15. close the door. 

When the door is blocked over a certain period of time, an alarm signal, and to a certain power forcibly closed.

16. photoelectric device. 

It is used to monitor the entry and exit of passengers or goods.

17. light sensing device

The use of screen effects, such as closing passengers still have to import, then the car door has not touched the body will automatically re open.

18. control box. 

The left hand box is set on the left side of the car, with an instruction button in each floor, which is convenient for the passengers to use when they are more crowded.

19. automatic control of light and fan.

In order to save energy, the lighting and fan power can be automatically cut off when the signal is summoned outside the elevator, and there is no preposition in a sedan chair for a period of time.

20. electronic touch button. 

Use the finger to touch the button and complete the call or registration in the sedan chair outside the hall.

21. light station. 

When the elevator will arrive, the light flashes out of the hall and has a double - tone station clock.

22. automatic broadcasting. 

Use large scale integrated circuit speech synthesis to play gentle female voice. There are a variety of contents for selection, including reporting floors, greetings and so on.

23. low speed self rescue. 

When the elevator stops in the interlayer, the elevator is automatically pulled down to the nearest floor to open the door. In the elevator with the control of the main and auxiliary CPU, two CPU functions are different, but they all have the low speed self rescue function at the same time.

24. emergency operation when power outage. 

When the electric power grid is out of power, the elevator is run to the designated floor by the standby power supply.

25. emergency operation in fire. 

When a fire occurs, the elevator is automatically run to the designated floor.

26. fire operation. 

When the fire switch is closed, the elevator is automatically returned to the base station, which can only be operated by the firefighter in the sedan chair.

27. Emergency operation in earthquake. 

By testing the earthquake by seismograph, the car can be stopped on the nearest floor and let passengers leave quickly, so as to prevent the building swaying and damage the guideway due to the earthquake, so that the elevator can not run and endanger personal safety.

28. early micro earthquake emergency operation. 

The micromovement in the early stage of the earthquake is detected, that is, to stop the car in the nearest floor before the main vibration occurs.

29. fault detection. 

The fault is recorded in the microcomputer memory (usually can be stored in 8~20 faults), and the character of the fault is displayed digitally. When the fault exceeds a certain number, the elevator stops running. Only after removing the fault and clearing the memory record, the elevator can run. Most of the microcomputer controlled elevators have this function.

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