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Lubrication of guide rail

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Lubrication of guide rail

The function of slideway lubricants

(1) the guide rail will work as close as possible to the liquid friction state, in order to reduce the friction resistance, reduce the driving power and improve the efficiency.

(2) reduce the wear of the guide rail and prevent the corrosion of the guide rail. The flow of lubricating oil also plays the role of flushing.

(3) avoid the phenomenon of crawling in low speed heavy load and reduce the vibration.

(4) reduce the friction heat at high speed and reduce the thermal deformation.

Selection of lubricating oil for the guide rail of machine tools

According to the experience and data, the following factors are considered when using the lubricating oil of the machine tool guide.

(1) lubricating oil which is used both as hydraulic medium and as guide oil. According to the needs of different types of machine tool guideway, optional guide rail lubricating oil is used as a hydraulic medium at the same time, which not only meets the requirements of the guideway, but also meets the requirements of the hydraulic system. For example, like the coordinate boring machine, rail oil viscosity (50 DEG C) should be higher (40 ~ 90mm2/s), but like all kinds of grinding machines, often rail lubricating oil supplied by hydraulic system, and the higher requirement of the hydraulic system must meet at this time, a guide hydraulic lubricating oil viscosity (50 C) should have lower (20 ~ 40mm2/s), which is required for the viscosity of the hydraulic system.

(2) the viscosity is chosen according to the sliding velocity and the average pressure.

(3) choose according to the practical application of the lubrication of machine tools at home and abroad. When choosing the use of guide lubricants, we can also refer to the actual application examples of the existing machine tool guide lubrication at home and abroad.

The guide rail of numerical control machine usually adopts centralized oil supply and automatic drip lubrication. Domestic lubricating equipment XHZ series of dilute oil concentrated lubrication device. The device is composed of a quantitative lubricating pump, an oil inlet precision oil filter, a liquid level detector, a feed oil detector, a pressure relay, a progressive oil separator and an oil tank. Regular quantitative oil supply to the rail surface.

Solid lubrication is a solid lubricant covering the friction surface of the guide rail, forming a cohesive solid lubricating film to reduce friction and reduce wear. There are many kinds of solid lubricants, which can be divided into metal, metal compound, inorganic and organic matter according to the basic raw materials. The solid lubricant powder is added to the lubricating oil to enhance or improve the bearing capacity, aging performance and high and low temperature performance of the grease.

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