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The installation of the control cabinet

- Dec 27, 2017 -

The installation of the control cabinet

The installation of the control cabinet should follow the principle of convenient maintenance and inspection safety, and should be constructed according to the position specified in the drawings. If the pattern is not specified, a reasonable arrangement should be made according to the area of the machine room and the form of installation. In order to prevent the water room, control cabinet in the installation of the best stable at the high of about 100 ~ 150mrn cement block. Solid control cabinet, usually the first brick to control cabinet pad to the required height, then laying wire tube or wire slot, to be finished wire tube or wire laying groove, then pour cement block, the control cabinet in solid wood cement.

lift control cabinet.jpg

The control cabinet should meet the following requirements when it is installed.

(1) keep the distance from the door and window. The front distance between the door, the window and the control cabinet should not be less than 1000mm.

(2) the control cabinet is installed and installed, and its width exceeds 5m, the two ends should be left and exit channel, the width of the channel should not be less than 600mm.

(3) the installation distance between the control cabinet and the mechanical equipment in the machine room should not be less than 500mm.

(4) the deviation of the verticality after the installation of the control cabinet should not be greater than 3/1000.

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