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The Overvies of Escalator Comb Plate

- Jan 05, 2018 -

The Overvies of Escalator Comb Plate

The comb plate is installed at the entrance and exit, meshing with the groove of the ladder or treadle, and has the function of anti-skid. The shape and slope of a passenger that will not be tripped over an escalator or an automatic sidewalk (such as a design angle of no more than 40 degrees) should be provided. The end should be made of brittle plastic or aluminum or rubber to ensure that the object can be freed when it is clamped.

The comb plate is the safety protection device of the elevator, and the rear of the comb plate has a fretting switch. If there is a foreign object card, it can stop the elevator running.

One side of the comb plate is supported on the front plate and the other is used as the fixed surface of the comb. Its horizontal dip is less than 10 degrees. The structure of comb plate should be adjustable, so as to ensure the teeth meshing depth greater than 6 mm. It can be made with aluminum alloy profiles and can be made with thick carbon steel plates.

The comb plate lamp is a part of the escalator and the automatic sidewalk, which is illuminated from the bottom of the passenger's foot at the entrance and exit. It is generally located at the end of the skirt plate. The lighting should be adequate and appropriate. The illumination at the comb plate should be consistent with the illumination required in the area. The illuminance of indoor or outdoor escalator and automatic sidewalk entrance is at least 50lx or 15lx.


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