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The reverse protection device

- Jan 09, 2018 -

The reverse protection device

The reverse protection device is an important part of escalator protection device. The reversal refers to the movement of the non manipulative changes in the direction of the escalator. For example, when the escalator is ascending, if the cascade drive mechanism is out of contact with the main engine, the runway will become a downward motion when it moves upward and upward under the action of load and weight. At this point, a device should be used to cut off the escalator control system and make it stop. This device is an anti reversal protection device.

There are 4 main mechanical reasons for the escalator to be reversed.

(1) drive chain broken chain or traction sprocket and transmission sprocket fall off, so that the cascade and the drive system is lost.

(2) the driving main shaft is broken and the driving main engine is malfunction.

(3) the brake is kept open because of electrical or mechanical factors.

(4) due to the broken chain of cascade chain, the cascade decline is caused.

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