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The safety of escalator

- Dec 18, 2017 -

The safety of escalator

Escalators and automatic sidewalks are widely used in hotels, shopping malls, subway, railway stations, office buildings, guilds, airports and other places, and pray for a very important role in customer convenience and service quality improvement. However, due to the particularity of its use occasions, some escalators are often in a state of idling, which will waste a lot of electric energy, and also cause unnecessary wear and fatigue damage to escalator components, such as motors, gearboxes, handrails, etc. The escalator mainly coupling speed or constant speed. However, because of the industrial field reasons, there are many problems in the use and maintenance, which often need maintenance and low efficiency. Often because of plugging and other failures to cause shutdown, or even burn down the motor. With the development of power electronic technology and computer technology, the frequency conversion technology of AC motor with reliable and durable, automatic control function rich features to improve the reliability and control accuracy, comprehensive protection, the power saving effect is good, simple and has rich interface control, computer communication interface, can be easily connected with the microcomputer control system or process control system, software support can be further upgraded to computer monitoring without additional hardware investment. At present, frequency conversion technology has been widely used in domestic metallurgy, coal mine, electric power, machinery, chemical industry and other industries.

Security, this is an eternal topic in today's society. The escalator that emphasizes the security is represented by the mobile escalator. The principle of the escalator is to make the step pedal and apron plate a single module of coordinated operation, and the step pedal and apron plate become a single module of coordinated operation. There is no gap between the ladder and the skirt of the escalator so as to avoid the danger of the finger ligation in this area. This area is the main danger of the traditional escalator.

The contents of this research are mainly aimed at the shortcomings of old ladder, such as no load loss, many faults, poor reliability and short engineering life, by using relay logic control mode. A microcomputer with strong function, low failure rate and high reliability is put forward to control the escalator. The speed governing system adopts AC variable frequency speed regulation, which has good speed regulation performance and parking brake performance under various loads, which can satisfy passengers' comfort and save a lot of electric energy.


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