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Classification Of Elevators

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Depending on the height, purpose, and traffic (or flow) of the building, different types of elevators are set up. The basic classification method of elevator is as follows.


Passenger lifts, designed for passengers, require perfect safety facilities and a certain sedan chair.

A freight elevator, designed primarily for the delivery of goods, usually accompanied by an elevator.

The elevator, designed for the transport of beds, stretchers and medical vehicles, has long and narrow characteristics.

A sundry elevator for library, office building, hotel to deliver books, documents, food and other design elevators.

A sightseeing elevator, a transparent trunk wall for passengers' sightseeing elevators.

A vehicle elevator, used as an elevator for vehicles.

Elevators, elevators used on ships.

Elevators for construction, construction and maintenance.

Other types of elevators, besides the above common elevator, also some special use elevator, such as elevators, explosion-proof elevator, mine elevator, refrigerator plant elevator, firefighters use elevator, oblique line of the elevator, the elevator, etc.

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