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Elevator Car And Door

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Elevator Car and Door

Elevator structure

In the vertical elevator, the joint name of the car and the hall, or the joint name of the sedan door and the hall gate (the layer door).

The car is a box space used by the elevator to carry and transport personnel and materials. The car is usually composed of the main parts, such as the bottom of the sedan chair, the sedan wall, the roof of the sedan chair, the door and so on. The floor hall refers to the corridor or hall that the elevator sees directly at the door of each floor.

The door of the hall is the door that is seen when the elevator is outside. The door is the door that is seen in the elevator in the elevator.


The opening and closing of the elevator door is realized by the blade which is installed on the door of the sedan chair. Each door is equipped with a door lock. When the door is closed, the mechanical lock hook of the door lock is meshed, and the electric chain contact of the door and the sedan door is closed, and the elevator control loop is connected. At this time the elevator can start to run. The elevator door has a fireproof function in the building, which is used to divide the fire zone. Car door safety switch, can ensure that the door is not safe to close in place, or not locked in the state of the elevator can not operate normally.

Technical specifications

The Technical Supervision Bureau of China stipulates that the protection should be increased when the distance between the ridge of the car and the distance of the well wall is greater than 150MM. The distance of the well wall to the edge of the floor of the sedan door is about 150mm, and the horizontal width of the leg in the layer gate should be 30-150mm.

The normal deviation of the plane degree of the end face of the hall door and the sedan door when the elevator opens. In general level + -5mm; hall door and door is generally open the exit door frame, door concave 1-1.5mm; hall door and door clearance is less than 4mm; and the provisions of the fixed door and the wall to be lower on both sides of door on both sides of steel need to the wall of the expansion screw on welding.

Security matters

When it is found that the elevator is not closed or even run at the hall door or sedan door, it indicates that the control system has received the signal of closing the door and the door lock, and the elevator has considerable potential safety hazard, which is dangerous at any time. It should be handled by the professional.

When you have pressed the emergency button to open the door, although not closed elevator can run, but the key to open the door is normally not running, the computer will recognize the key to open the door in the signal, the signal sent to open the door, and the door to know something in the press, he will not run. But for some elevators, the door will be forced to close after three minutes of pressing the door button, and it is necessary to call for help in time.

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