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Elevator System

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Traction system: the main function of the drag system is to output and transmit power to make the elevator run. The traction system consists of a tractor, a hauling wire rope, a guide wheel, and an anti-rope wheel.

Guide system: the main function of the guide system is to limit the cage and the freedom of movement, so that the cage and the weight can only go up and down the guide rail. Guide system mainly consists of guide rail, guide shoe and guide rail.

Cage: the car is an elevator component that carries passengers and cargo. It is the work part of the elevator. The cage is composed of cage and cage.

Door system: the main function of the door system is to seal the entrance and entrance of the cage. The door system consists of the cage door, the floor door, the door opening machine, the door lock device.

Weight balance system: the system's main function is relatively balanced capsules weight, work in the elevator can enable capsules and the difference between the heavy weight keep within limits, ensure the normal order of the elevator traction drive. The system consists mainly of weight and weight compensation devices.

Power drag system: the function of the power drag system is to provide the power to control the elevator speed. The power drag system consists of a traction motor, a power supply system, a speed feedback device, and a motor speed control device.

Electrical control system: the main function of the electrical control system is to operate and control the elevator operation. The electrical control system mainly consists of the control device, the position display device, the control screen (cabinet), the flat layer device and the selection layer.

Safety protection system: ensure the safe use of elevators, prevent all accidents that endanger personal safety. It consists of elevator speed limiter, safety tongs, clamping device, buffer, safety touch pad, door lock, elevator safety window, elevator overload limit device, limit switch device.

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