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Elevator Traction Machine Motor Machine

- Oct 30, 2017 -

CNTM3.0H Elevator gearless traction machine

Conai has set up magnet production line,brake production,stator core,casting production line and three assembly line and three assembly lines for traction machine. 

By setting up separate production line,rearrange working process and improving tools,working efficiency is improved considerably.

Time-consumption for unit products has been reduced and so has the cost. The realization of balanced production line makes Conai a big PM gearless traction machine supplier in China.


Max. axle load3000kg
Motor weight373kg
Working dutyS5-60%ED
Ins. class155 (F)
Brake type and quantityDZD1-500; 2 

Traction Machine For General Elevator

For this series of traction, machine standardization and modularization is realized through advanced industrial and technical design. Interchangeability of parts is greatly improved;there are more than 3 possible combinations by replacing brakes and traction sheave,thus diversified customer needs can be met. Our professionalism and standardized process guarantees the tailor-made production in large scales.

 1. in-house made high-performance NdFeB magnet is adopted.

 2. The magnets are double fixed and imported thermal switches are furnished,all of which ensure the reliability of the machine performance.

 3. Unique rotating shaft and external rotor construction brings smooth operation of the machine and low noise level. 


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