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Escalators And Moving Sidewalks Installation Procedures

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Escalators and moving sidewalks installation procedures  

(1) the construction unit, supervision unit, construction unit, installation of mutual acceptance of civil engineering, and the transfer formalities. The construction units to provide clear elevation benchmarks; Escalator or automatic sidewalk, bearing surface embedded steel plate meet the design requirements; Must clean up the inside of the foundation pit and foundation pit surrounding and transport connections shall not store things around.  

(2) truss, such as guide rail installation.  

(3) the armrest, handrail belt, skirt plate and the inner and outer cover, such as cascade chain installation.  

(4) electrical piping layout.  

(5) cascade comb plate, safety devices installed.  

(6) electric light qualified load after commissioning, and testing the safety device is normal accurately.  

(7) to sort out all the records, ready to declare shall apply mutatis mutandis. 


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