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Guide Rail Overview

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Guide Rail

Guide rail: a groove or ridge made of metal or other materials that can bear, fix, guide a moving device or equipment, and reduce its friction. The longitudinal grooves or ridges on the surface of the guideway are used for guiding, fixing machine parts, special equipment, instruments and so on. Guide rail, also known as slide rail, linear guide and linear slide rail, is used for linear reciprocating motion. It has higher rated load than linear bearing, and can bear certain torque at the same time. It can achieve high accuracy linear motion under high load condition.

The guiding device in the mechatronics system generally refers to the guide rail, and the guide rail is composed of the moving parts and the bearing parts. When all kinds of machinery are running, the correct track of the actuators is guaranteed by the guide pair. And the guide pair also affects the motion characteristics of the executes.

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The guide rail, as a guiding device, should have the following properties:

(1) the accuracy of guide track is mainly guided by the guidance precision. The main factors influencing the accuracy of guide are: the geometric accuracy and contact accuracy of the guide way, the structural form of the guide way, the rigidity and thermal deformation of the guide and its supporting parts, the oil film thickness and stiffness between the static and dynamic pressure guideways.

(2) the accuracy retention is mainly determined by the wear resistance of the guide rail. The wear resistance is related to the material of the guide rail, the friction property of the guide pair, the pressure on the guide and its distribution law and so on.

(3) the stiffness includes the stiffness of the guide rail and the contact stiffness. It mainly depends on the shape and size of the guide rail, the connection mode and the force condition of the supporting parts.

(4) the moving guide rail of low speed motion is easy to produce the self excited vibration of friction when the moving guide is low speed or micro displacement, that is, crawl phenomenon. Crawling will reduce the positioning accuracy or increase the value of the roughness on the surface of the workpiece to be processed.

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