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Old Building Equipped With Life-saving Elevator

- Oct 16, 2017 -

Old building equipped with "life-saving elevator"


Old buildings equipped with elevators,it is not a very fresh topic. Three or four years ago,there was a news that a rich man pay his own money to install a elevator in the ole building, in order to make his parents go downstairs convenient. Because the consultation with neighbors failed,this rich man bought the entire unit at a high price.

But from the beginning of this year, it has been a trend that the old buildings are equipped with external elevator in Beijing. Many ordinary people are beginning to enjoy such a convenience.


191194040.jpg"This is really a life-saving lift." Mr. Yin Yixiang said, who lives on the six floor and he is probably the most exciting resident in the whole building. Mr. Yin told reporters that before the installation of the elevator, he experienced a sudden illness. At that time,he was waiting for a ghost in the door. "In November last year, myocardial infarction sudden hit me. The property staff gathered four young men to carry me down from the sixth floor at midnight. But it delay more than half an hour since my onste. I nearly die.”


191194041.jpgIn the building 3, Mr. Yin Yixiang's case is not the only one. Yin Yixiang, 72, has an unexpected title in the building - the youngest owner of the entire building. The building has 84 households. Most people moved into this building in 1997 when the building was built. The vast majority of households are the old employees of Urban Construction Group. Yin Yixiang, 52 years old, was already the youngest among them. Up to now, the stairs of high floor is a natural moat for older people , "we do not go downstairs for a few months , if we go downstairs,we must be carried down" such story is often seen.

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