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Simple Use Of Elevators

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Manned elevators are intelligent, automated devices controlled by microcomputers. They do not require special personnel to operate the vehicles. Ordinary passengers can only take the following procedures and operate the elevators.

1, at the entrance by ladder floor lift, according to the needs of the ascending or descending, according to the direction or direction of the arrow button, as long as the button on the light, that your call has been recorded, as long as waiting for the elevator.

2. After the elevator has reached the door, let the person inside the car walk out of the elevator, then the elevator will enter the elevator car. After entering the car, press the corresponding digital button on the inside of the car according to the floor you need to get to. Similarly, as long as the button light is on, your selection has been recorded; No other operation is needed at this point, as long as the elevator arrives at your destination.

3. The elevator will open the door after you have reached your destination, and you will be finished by stepping out of the elevator.

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