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The Domestic And Abroad Development Of Escalator

- Dec 18, 2017 -

The domestic and abroad development of Escalator

The emergence of automatic escalator has brought great convenience to the daily life of mankind, and it has also become an important symbol of modern material civilization. Since the birth of the first nominal escalator, the escalator has been developing for about 100 years so far.

Two Americans studied the escalator at the end of the nineteenth Century. In 1897, Jess Reno (Jesse W. Reno) built a skew board walking game similar to escalator in the amusement park of Connie Island, New York. And Charles (Charles Seeberger). Seeburger in 1898 to purchase on the escalator patent to the next item, and cooperation with the Otis Elevator Co, 1899 produced the first level of the cascade in the state of New York, the escalator handrail and comb plate.

1900 at the Paris Expo, successfully displayed their "Seeburg escalator" (Escalator) in the name of the product, and won a first prize. 1910 acquired the patent case xiibaidian Otis, the repurchase of Reynolds company. In 1920, Otis combined the design of the two and became the basic design of the escalator today.The escalator was the first to enter China in 1935. Two Otis single escalators were installed in Shanghai's Daxin department store at that time, connecting the ground to the two floor, and the two to the third floor. This is the escalator into China by the Otis Elevator Co.

In 1959, the founding of the 10th anniversary Daqing. Beijing has ten major projects to build: the Great Hall of the people, the historical museum, the Tiananmen square, the monument to the people's heroes, the Beijing Railway Station, the national culture palace, the The National Hotel, the Qianmen Hotel and the overseas Chinese restaurant. The elevator and escalator tasks are undertaken by the Shanghai elevator factory. For example, there are 50 elevators in the Great Hall of the people, and the escalator of the Beijing Railway Station is the that has never been made in our country.


The design and manufacture of the escalator is completed by the Shanghai elevator factory in conjunction with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Such as chain, armrest belt, large stamping parts and so on.

It was at the time of the great leap forward. From design, test, manufacture to site installation. It's less than 10 months. At that time, the industrial base of our country was weak, and the hardships and hardships of that time were conceivable. It is really the limit of human physical ability and intelligence. Finally complete the task on schedule, as the people's Daily reported at the time of the "Golden Phoenix fly out of the hut". In this way, the Shanghai elevator factory has created the history of China's domestic escalator.

1966 Shanghai elevator factory defeated Japanese rival Hitachi, won the 10 Macao Grand Lisboa Hotel escalator escalator project. Party A shall come up with a Japanese Hitachi escalator sample full transparent escalator photos, marked as "dream of escalator" General requirements similar to those in China now escalator. The overall structure size, the requirement is very close, all these people have never seen, for the industrial level of our country at that time, it was almost impossible to achieve. But the Shanghai elevator factory did it and finally succeeded. 1967 Macao Lisboa Hotel this time world famous casino opened, ten full transparent escalator especially dazzling, show luxurious style, visitors from all over the world gamblers, people praise, not believe this was actually made Chinese." When the export elevator brand is "SELEVA" is the Shanghai elevator factory and export company with the message containing "Shanghai elevator" and "Sailaoao". So the Chinese elevator is starting to go to the overseas market. A hit, then from the beginning of 1968, Singapore "Dongfeng" to Shanghai elevator factory order escalator, the years exported a total of more than 100 escalators to Singapore, the Singapore department store with almost all Chinese escalators (such as Singapore GOLDEN BUILDING, Pearl Tower), but also exported to Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam etc..

In 1972, we exported 57 large escalators to the Pyongyang subway in the DPRK. The Pyongyang subway is a deep buried subway, which is about 60m underground. The deepest escalator is 64M. Our design is designed according to the lifting height 65m (single machine). So far the tallest escalator in the world has been opened from Kim Il-Sung's 60 birthday in April 15, 1972. It has been used for 40 years and is still in normal operation. The high elevation escalator project, which has a height of 65m, is designated as the national "301" project .

In 1985, MITSUBISHI motor company developed a spiral automatic escalator with a curve running and successfully put it into production. The spiral automatic escalator can save building space and have decorative artistic effect. In 1991, MITSUBISHI motor developed a large escalator with a high level of middle level. This multi gradient escalator, several adjacent steps can be linked to form a platform to support the wheelchair. At the end of 1990s, the company has developed Fushida transmission type automatic sidewalk, automatic sidewalk to segment speed, passengers entering from the low speed section, and then enter the high-speed running smoothly, then enter the low speed period of leave. This improves the safety of the passengers on the sidewalk up and down and shortens the time of the ladders in the long stroke. In April 2000, the United States Elevator World reports, Hamburg Thyssen escalator factory, manufacturing a full color escalator, comprising a glass fiber material, blue, green, red, grey and black. The color ladder provides the architect with a rich design imagination. In from April 17 to 20, 2002, MITSUBISHI motor company exhibited the escalator model at the Fifth China International Elevator Exhibition. The more flexible drive rack structure can change the interval of the cascade at operation, so that the speed can also be changed. The speed of the inclined section is 1.5 times that of the horizontal section of the access water, which not only shortens the passenger's time for taking the stairs, but also improves the safety and stability of the passengers' escalators. In February 2003, Next Step released Otis escalator model, he uses the Guarded pedal, pedal and apron plate cascade into a single module coordinated operation; it also uses some other new technologies to improve the escalator safety, a new escalator.

At present, the major elevator companies mainly focus on the safety, energy saving and environmental protection of the escalators and the automatic sidewalks. However, in addition to the above three aspects, the development direction of the escalator and the automatic sidewalk will develop in a high speed direction. At present, some companies have also introduced related products. For example, CNIM has launched an accelerated automatic sidewalk with a maximum speed of up to 11 km / h. Automatic pavement acceleration Thyssen company, the fastest speeds up to 2 m / s.. The company's first accelerated automatic sidewalk was installed at Toronto City Centre Airport. The maximum speed of the NKK's accelerometer is up to 1.2 meters per second. In a word, escalator is one of the important symbols of modern civilization, and its development level also embodies the level of the progress of contemporary social science.

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