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The Elevator Industry

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Industry data show that in the first half of 2014 China's growth has exceeded 10% overall elevator production sets, shipments and orders of the second half of the proportion than decreasing, but the annual production volume growth remain at around 10%, compared with the previous year growth slowed. However, the total output of the whole ladder in the whole year will exceed 700, 000 units, and the total number of elevators in the country will reach 3.5 million.

Our country has become the world's largest elevator market, production and consumption of the world's leading elevator brand enterprises were set up wholly owned or joint venture in China, is the factory of the world in the field of elevator and manufacturing center. Seventy percent of the world's elevators are made in China, and 60 percent to 65 percent of elevators are sold in China.

People in the industry analysis, the industry concentration of elevator industry in China keeps improving, the development trend is good. The pattern of industrial development has changed dramatically, showing that the strong are stronger, the weak are weaker, and the industry has entered the shuffling period. Some brands started to go into production in the central and western regions, making the industrial layout more reasonable.

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