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The Elevator World Of The World

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Valparaiso, Chile, sits on a cable car with a cable car.

The world's most luxurious super cruise ship, oasis of the seas, the luxury elevator bar on a cruise ship can move back and forth between three floors.

Dubai's burj khalifa has 56 lifts with a speed of up to 17.4 meters per second, the fastest and longest running elevator in the world.

A 15-storey house has the bathroom on top of the elevator and the bottom with clear glass

Berlin, Germany radisson hotel, the world's largest cylindrical tank, the trick is to take internal elevator - 9 meters in diameter of the tank, there is an automatic elevator can let visitors panoramic view this huge "tank"

A bike carries a fully automatic underground parking lot in Tokyo, Japan.

German Wolfsburg, Volkswagen's stereo garage.

Arched overpass in st Louis, USA. To get to the top of the 192-meter-tall building, the visitors either climb 1,076 steps, or five people take an oval elevator, and then the eight elevators are joined together, and it takes only four minutes to reach the top.

The great building of the falkirk wheel, in Scotland, is not known as a water elevator. As the world's first revolving ship suspension bridge, on May 24, 2002, it was inaugurated by the queen of England.

The Hammetschwand elevator in Switzerland offers a panoramic view of the lake.

Hunan zhangjiajie wulingyuan, 100 dragon ladder.

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