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The Installation Of Comb Plate

- Jan 05, 2018 -

The Installation of Comb Plate

To ensure the safety of the escalator, a comb plate must be set at the entrance and exit of the escalator, as shown on the right.

(1) front plate. In front is an extension of the ground plane, and it couldn't have differences, the height difference of the surface tread should be less than 80mm.

(2) comb plate. While supporting the front plate, the other side as a fixed surface comb, the horizontal angle less than 40 degrees, the structure of comb plate is adjustable, so as to ensure the comb and the pedal tooth meshing depth more than 6mm with the tape tooth kneading depth more than 4mm.

(3) comb. The tooth width is larger than 2.5mm, the end of the round, the angle is smaller than 40 deg.

(4) the tape of an automatic sidewalk should have a slot that is engaged in the direction of operation and is meshed with the comb of the comb plate.

(5) the height of the slots should not be less than 1.5mm, the depth of the alveolus should not be less than 5mm, and the width of the teeth should not be less than 4.5mm, and not more than 8mm.

(6) the tape should be automatically tensioned, and the tension spring is not allowed to be used as a tensioning device.

(7) the belt of the escalator, the pedal of the automatic sidewalk or the automatic sidewalk, the vertical net height is not less than 2.3m. 


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