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The Safety Gear Is The Safety Protection Device Of The Elevator

- Jan 05, 2018 -

The safety gear is the safety protection device of the elevator

The elevator safety gear device is a safety device under the control of speed limiter, when the elevator speed exceeds the speed limit set by the elevator speed limiter, or when the suspension rope breaks and relaxes, the car is emergency stopped and clamped on the guide rail. It provides an effective protection for the safe operation of the elevator, which is generally installed on the car rack or on the heavy frame. The safety pliers are divided into unidirectional safety pliers and two-way safety tongs. However, because of the complex manufacturing process, the two-way safety tongs have not been popularized in China.

The safety clamp device is composed of two parts of the safety clamp manipulating mechanism and the safety clamp body. That is to say, when the safety clamp mechanism moves, it first touches the electrical apparatus to make the elevator safety circuit disconnect and stop the elevator. If the brake stops without a legal stop, the safety tong will move further, so that the elevator will be stopped on the guide way.

elevator safety clamp.jpgelevator safety gear.jpg

The elevator safety gear, according to the braking element structure, can be divided into three types-- wedge type, eccentric wheel type and roller type. According to the braking deceleration (braking distance) ,it can be divided into two types-- instantaneous and progressive safety gears.

The working principle of the safety clamp is that the speed limiter wire rope is driven by the safety lever lever, and the friction force between the speed limiting device wire rope and the speed limiting wheel is maintained by the tension wheel, so that the speed of the speed limiter wheel is consistent with the running speed of the car.

In the car (safety pliers, safety gear lever, overspeed governor rope, wheel speed) more than 115% rated speed, speed limiter action, the rope brake block compression governor rope, make it stop running, and driving safety gear lever, the safeties.

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