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Why Escalator Reversal Happen

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Why escalator reversal happen?

1.1 the electrical source of risk

The grid fault phase, the pressure loss caused by motor reversal or insufficient driving force, causing upward escalator reversal, especially in the heavy upward under the condition of short circuit, open circuit, etc.; the adhesion failure of low voltage components or devices, or safety circuit, brake control circuit fault, the failure, can not play to some of the protection, control, braking effect, so that the escalator reverse.

1.2 the source of risk in machinery

Between the drive device and the cascade driven sprocket chain caused by reversal; chain driven cascade chain scission occurred caused serious overload reversal, escalators, causing motor torque caused by insufficient reversal between the drive device and the driven sprocket of the cascade belt slipping occurs caused by reversal, escalators and moving walkways in operation a sudden failure led to stop, and brake cannot provide enough braking torque to reverse.

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